“Our family has enjoyed a very long run with Little Tots’ Manor. After nearly 13 years of enrollment (which we believe is the most of any family), it is time for our youngest daughter to start “big school”. The many teachers that our children have encountered over the years have helped our children prepare for the world that awaits them. The many kindnesses shown to our entire family from all the staff members (from administrators to chefs) have been greatly appreciated. With Delene’s caring, clear and engaged leadership, we always felt comfortable that our children were safe, constantly learning and happy. At the end of the day (or the decade-and-a-half), we couldn’t ask for anything more. We will miss Little Tots’ Manor but we will not forget it. Thank you Delene and the Little Tots’ Manor team!”

– Peter, Chantal, Maya, James & Emma Nkansah

“Both of our 2 children “grew up” at Little Tots’ Manor.

I have enjoyed our experience for our children, and appreciated the many things we’ve learned from teachers and management about parenting, that I volunteered to become a parent rep and then served on the Board of Directors. I learned a lot about the complex management of the daycare business through this involvement, and felt even more strongly about the great opportunities that our children have been provided.

Our eldest started at Little Tots’ Manor in September 2008. We had toured many local daycares, and knew, the moment that we walked through the door at Little Tots’ Manor that this was the best spot for our kids. Since that time, we have seen the Daycare through many changes, and been impressed by Management’s thoughtful plan for improvements over the years.

Our children have had the pleasure of learning from highly qualified, ECE teachers. The teachers are compassionate and loving, and have the right high expectations for our kids. Our children enjoyed the curriculum, and learned so much before starting in the regular school program. We appreciated the socialization, teeth brushing and potty training that went on at school and set up the kids for success. And the kids benefited greatly from the outstanding co-curricular programming (dance, gym, science, French, visits to the local retirement residence and more). Our children are happy, confident, and well prepared kids, thanks to Little Tots’ Manor!”

– Heather Armstrong, Mom of Megan and Julia

“I have had 3 kids attend Little Tots Manor over the past 5 years. Each of them started between 5-6 months old – my eldest finished senior kindergarten at Little Tots and my youngest is still in the baby class. I’ve been enjoying it so much, I volunteered this year as parent class rep and board member.

What has amazed us over the years is the consistent quality and caliber of the staff. From caring for them like their own through to preparing them for grade school. The peace of mind it has given me as a working parent is irreplaceable.

Also, knowing the kids get a rich offering of activities (and I don’t have to supplement with extras on weeknights or weekends) is so helpful. The in-house cooks make sure the kids are fed so well and clothes get laundered on site too. We chose daycare over nanny because it gives us even more freedom from managing someone in our home and setting up schedules. Little Tots Manor has given us more than a daycare service – they treat us and every family as extended family.”

– Marianne Hamilton, Mom of Lachlan, Adelaide and Niall

“One of the most stressful things about being a new parent is trying to find a daycare. We’ve all been there – the waiting lists; checking out the facilities; dealing with the stress of going back to work. With Little Tots Manor, you can check your worries at the door!

We feel so fortunate that our daughter, Skylar, has had the opportunity to be a part of the Little Tots’ Manor family. When she first started at Little Tots’ Manor, our daughter was reserved and shy. We have watched her blossom into an articulate and outgoing little girl under the nurturing, stimulating and loving environment of the daycare. The children benefit from such unique weekly experiences such as music, cooking classes and dance classes. I often have friends and strangers comment on how polite our daughter is and I give all the credit to the teachers and staff at Little Tots’ Manor. We know that the teachers and support staff care not only about our daughter’s cognitive abilities but also her social and emotional ones as well. What Delene Spragge and her incredible support staff and teachers have created is truly a gem!”

– Nycki Etherington, Mom of Sloane and Skylar

“Little Tots’ Manor has provided our daughters with the academic challenge, social enrichment and emotional support they needed during their critical early years. They have thrived in this environment, building lasting friendships with fellow students and strong bonds with the teacher and other staff. As parents, we not only have found a school for our children, but we have found a community for our family”

– Linda Hiraki and Steven Presser, parents of Rae and Sloane

“We are so fortunate to have found Little Tots’. Our 2 kids have a solid start in their education because of them. We are impressed with the academic approach catalyzed by genuine support and caring. We have not seen any other daycare like it. We know our children are in capable hands, and never think twice after we drop them off. Peace of mind is everything when it comes to your kids.”

– Lindsay McMurray, father of Quinn and Grayson

“My son started to attend LTM at the age of 7 months. He is now 3 ½ and has developed extremely well- including, at an early age, learning ABCs, counting, singing, interest in reading and learning, athletics and potty training. The management at LTM run a tight ship. The teachers and staff do a great job developing the children and they genuinely care about the well-being and the progress of the children’s development. Observing from the interactions with other children on the playgrounds as well as other extracurricular activities, with very few exceptions, I can confirm that my son and his LTM peers are more advanced than the rest. We have had a very positive experience and I highly recommend LTM.”

– Sean Zaboroski, father of Harrison

“Tonight we will attend the first holiday concert at the girls’ new school – the first year in 8 years that the Little Tots’ Manor holiday concert is not part of our family’s Christmas plan. I will be thinking of you and your team so much as we file into the audience tonight.

When Megan graduated from Little Tots’ Manor this August to join her sister at “big girl school”, we were excited for the change (and to have one drop off for two kids for the first time!) But as we have many times this fall, as we get ready for this special night, we are reminiscing a lot about our Little Tots’ Manor days. We have so much to thank you and your wonderful team for.

When we first got the call to tell us that there was a position at Little Tots’ Manor available for then 11 month old Julia, we were enormously relieved. The competition for a spot at a daycare was – and remains – fierce! But to find out that we had a spot at the best daycare in the City felt like a pretty good omen for what was to come.

And good omen it was. Julia’s path through Little Tots’ Manor helped us to bring up a strong, confident, happy little girl. She grew and learned so much from your teachers (I will never forget the reaction we got to her 4th birthday thank you notes – few of my neighbourhood friends could believe that a 4 year old could do that, but all the LTM parents showed no surprise whatsoever.) We felt so comfortable each day to know that she was in the care of such a compassionate team, each of whom had the same high expectations for our child.

I am certain that you sprinkled fairy dust somewhere to help us to bring Megan into the world and to provide us with another trip through the Little Tots’ Manor classrooms. Megan flourished in the same way that her sister did before her thanks to the great care, terrific curriculum and co-curriculum you offer, and your incredible staff.

We think often of the rallying cry by the teachers to their class: “SENIOR PRESCHOOL – ARE YOU READY?” and the children’s high-pitched answer in unison – “YES WE ARE!”

They ARE ready, thanks to you, and we are so grateful for it. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of the Little Tots’ Manor community. We remain loyal members for life.”

– Heather, Lance, Julia and Megan

“I wanted to send an email to thank you and your team for caring for my children over the last 5 years!! My husband and I talk about it all the time – it was one of the best decisions we ever made! We were so lucky to get Emily into your program in August 2011, when she was 2. From the first time we walked in, we realized that this was a different kind of daycare. It felt warm & inviting. As if we were entering someone’ s home. Over the years I have some to realize that Delene really knows what she is doing in terms of hiring the best teachers. The classrooms are very inviting for children. They are well organized, and have the best technologies for learning out there. (Smartboards, ipads etc.)

I remember after we had been there for about a year, we were taking a vacation, and Emily went to say good bye to her teacher. they told each other that they would miss each other, and that they loved each other. My heart was full of emotions. I just knew that she was in the right place. Emily looked forward to yoga, baking, the long walks, playing in the back garden, the healthy meals. Honestly, Emily didn’t really eat before she started at LTM.

Naturally, a year later when we needed to find a daycare for my son William, there was no doubt that we would entrust Delene’s team, once again.

I can’t say enough to describe how the LTM team go above & beyond. The winter pageant is a great place to meet other parents, see the kids perform, and a great slideshow of the months passed. The spring fair is a great way to spend a warm spring afternoon. Much time is spent preparing for these events. Each month a newsletter is sent out to summarize the previous months’ activities and pictures of the children. My kids still mention the day trips to Mabels Fabels, Wandas Clay, Davisville Park… Did I mention the movie nights?!

Back in June, William graduated from the Junior Kindergarten program, and I couldn’t have been prouder. I am so thankful for those people that have encouraged my kids, played with them, fed them, and the wonderful teachers. We will never forget how they have touched the lives of those that matter the most to us! Now they are at their elementary schools, and very well adjusted, thanks to LTM. Of course, I was a little sad to say good-bye at the graduation. I didn’t want to make a big deal about it at the time, because I knew I might get emotional.

Again, I want to say thank you. We will pop by from time to time – to say hello.”

– Cyndy & Andrei Pop

“Our family moved to Toronto from England around 18 months ago. From the minute we walked through the door of Little Tots we absolutely knew that Violette would love the friendly, family-style environment. Violette is a busy little girl who requires a great deal of stimulation and Little Tots’ has done a huge amount to help nurture this side of her personality whilst also developing other crucial social skills such as patience and sharing. Violette has already made some “best friends” at Little Tots’ and looks forward to meeting them for breakfast every morning!

On the subject of food, the menu plan at is thoughtful and nutritious and is all cooked in-house by the dedicated chef. Life skills such as teeth cleaning and potty training are also taught and encouraged. We love receiving the monthly newsletter and seeing the pictures of Violette enjoying the varied curriculum with her friends. Being a member of a neighbourhood that is hugely family focused I am often asked for daycare recommendations; I recommend Little Tots’ without hesitation every time! ”

– Katie Blais, Mother of Violette