Our Approach

Little Tots’ Manor provides an environment that fosters curiosity, encourages children to explore and develop their creativity while providing a safe and caring environment in which each child can grow and develop to their maximum potential. We recognize the importance of a child’s early years in development and well-being. Our programs and approach are tailored to ensure each child receives the highest quality educational opportunities at this crucial stage in their growth. We strive to create an environment for children to explore ‘Learning through Play’ and develop to their best potential. Our qualified and dedicated staff members focus on every aspect of who they are – creating individualized programming founded from the E.L.E.C.T document to enrich their cognitive, socio-emotional, language and literacy as well as physical development – preparing them not only for school, but for life.

How We Educate

The Little Tots’ Manor philosophy of “Learning through Play” enables children to investigate, ask questions, solve problems, and engage in critical thinking. Play is responsive to each child’s learning style, innate curiosity and creativity. Management and our teachers are constantly observing, identifying interests, evaluating our scheduling, tailoring our environment to children’s interests, adding resources and provide workshops to support explorative play and inquiry.

We look for educators to join our team who possess warm, friendly and compassionate characteristics in addition to strong communication skills and a commitment to early learning. After completing a formal interview process, potential candidates complete a trial day in the classroom, where staff members and the management team have the opportunity to observe their interactions and ensure they are the right fit to satisfy your child’s needs.

Our team of skilled professionals work together to create a warm and nurturing environment for the children in their care. We hire Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs), Certified Ontario Teachers (B.Ed) and trained Early Childhood Assistants who are knowledgeable about the early years of development and have experience in the field. All staff members are required to have up to date Standard First Aid and CPR training and a Clear Criminal Reference Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening.

Acedemically Enriched Curriculum

Our enriched curriculum includes a variety of activities designed to enlighten as well as intrigue the young minds and bodies of our students. At Little Tots’ Manor, we realize the importance in creating a rich, diverse learning environment in which children have the opportunity to explore a broad range of interests in a structured environment. Through phone calls, daily communication through our HiMama app, scheduled meetings and parent/teacher conferences, Little Tots’ Manor enables and encourages our parents/guardians to be an active part of their child’s educational experience.

Infant to Kindergarten

Consistency in the early years promote social and emotional development. Having your child attend the same childcare facility throughout his or her early years allows your child to develop relationships with the adults and children in that environment, which provides a sense of security.


Smart Boards are an amazing technology that not only enhances the way teachers teach, but it also enhances the way students learn. It can provide students with an enriched learning experience by projecting visual elements. It also makes differentiated learning much easier because teachers are able to accommodate different learning styles. Visual learners are able to observe the whiteboard, while tactile learners can learn by touching the board. The touchscreen option allows teachers to run programs with the tap of their finger. This makes it not only easy to navigate for the teacher, but for the students as well.

(Offered to Junior and Senior Preschool and Kindergarten classes)


At Little Tots’ Manor, we recognize that nutrition is essential to your child’s health and well-being. Our in-house chefs work closely with management and families to accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies present in the daycare by offering customized menu options and substitutions. Little Tots’ Manor also maintains a peanut-free environment.

Meal and snack times are spent together at our tables to encourage healthy eating habits, foster social skills and reinforce table manners. To further develop table manners, our Senior Preschool and Kindergarten classes use glass dishware, metal utensils and sit with napkins in their laps.

Fall Menu

Community and Events

Here at Little Tots’ Manor, we strive to be connected to the community we live and operate in. We are committed to supporting local businesses and over the past 23 years of operation we have built strong relationships within the local community. Children can often be found walking down Mt. Pleasant Road, attending a storytelling event at Mabel’s Fables bookstore or enjoying a picnic in Davisville Park.

Not only do we live and play within the community, but we feel as though it is just as important to give back: we partner annually with Muscular Dystrophy Canada (during our Hop-a-Thon), the Diaper Bank of Toronto (Diaper Drive) and the Breast Cancer society (Denim Day)

Our Kindergarten and Senior Preschool children visit the Claremont Retirement Residence bi-weekly and have developed meaningful relationships with the residents, ultimately making a positive impact on their community.

Annual Events

  • Grandpals’ Tea
  • Valentine’s Day Party
  • Family Day Craft
  • St. Patrick’s Day Party
  • World Book Day Celebration
  • Mothers’s Day Breakfast
  • Fathers’s Day Breakfast
  • Kindergarten Graduation
  • Summer Fair
  • End of Summer Party
  • Caribana Parade
  • Children’s Halloween Party
  • Winter Pageant
  • Children’s Winter Fair
  • Hop-A-Thon for Muscular Dystrophy
  • Diaper Drive for Diaper Bank of Toronto
  • Open Houses
  • Breast Cancer Society – Denim Day

Family Social and Networking Events

  • Parent Networking Events
  • Annual General Meeting – March
  • Committee of Family Class Representatives
  • Parent Workshops (featuring guest speakers)
  • Monthly “Special Visitors’ Day”
  • Monthly Children’s Birthday Parties
  • Parent/Teacher Interviews (January and May)
  • Parent Information Meeting – September

Parent Communication

At Little Tots’ Manor, we want families to have peace of mind when they drop their children off at the beginning of the day, and to establish trusting relationships with the families who use our centre, guaranteeing open lines of communication at all times. Our management team is always available via email or phone to respond to any parent inquiry or requests. Little Tots’ Manor offers all families access to the HiMama app. HiMama is an app that provides parents/guardians with real-time updates and tracks their children development and keep parents/guardians in the loop as Educators can log attendance, share up-to-date reports and insights of the child’s behavior, send photos and videos, and can also record naps, meals, and bathroom breaks.