Parent Testimonials

Marianne Hamilton

“What has amazed us over the years is the consistent quality and caliber of the staff. From caring for them like their own through to preparing them for grade school. The peace of mind it has given me as a working parent is irreplaceable. We chose daycare over nanny because it gives us even more freedom...Read More

Nycki Etherington

“One of the most stressful things about being a new parent is trying to find a daycare. We've all been there - the waiting lists; checking out the facilities; dealing with the stress of going back to work. With Little Tots Manor, you can check your worries at the door!...Read More

Jennifer Steinmann

“Our 3 year old daughter has been at Little Tots Manor for close to two years. Every day she wakes up excited to go to 'school.' She is happy, confident, is learning in leaps and bounds, has made great little friends, loves her teachers and talks incessantly about her day and the fun she has had...Read More

Heather Armstrong

“Our eldest started at Little Tots’ Manor in September 2008. We had toured many local daycares, and knew, the moment that we walked through the door at Little Tots’ Manor that this was the best spot for our kids. Since that time, we have seen the Daycare through many changes, and been impressed by Management’s thoughtful plan for improvements over the years....Read More

Anne Wellenhofer

“My two children have both moved from babies, to toddlers, to little boys under the care of Little Tots Manor. They are confident, thoughtful, and polite as a result of being part of such a remarkable community of children, parents, and teachers. While it broke my heart to return to work when my maternity leave came to an end, it was made easier knowing...Read More

Dorothea & Sam Kanga

“Our eldest has been attending since its inception and our second child since September 1999. Delene and her staff provide a very high level of professional care, offering a wide range of disciplines and stimulating activities including music appreciation, reading and storytelling, as well as physical and social development...Read More


A Message from Our Founder Delene Spragge

"I founded Little Tots’ Manor because I have a love for children and a strong desire to provide a quality childcare program that is an exceptional experience for children, parents, staff members, and the community. As a parent of two children, I recognize the importance and benefits of early education and learning through play. My vision at Little Tots’ Manor has always been to provide the highest standard of care while promoting holistic education. The team develops programming and co-curricular activities based on the premise that each child finds identity, meaning and purpose through connections with others and to the world around them.”