At Little Tots’ Manor, we recognize that nutrition is essential to your child’s health and well-being. Our in-house chefs work closely with management and families to accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies present in the daycare by offering customized menu options and substitutions. Little Tots’ Manor also maintains a peanut-free environment.

Meal and snack times are spent together at our tables to encourage healthy eating habits, foster social skills and reinforce table manners. To further develop table manners, our Senior Preschool and Kindergarten classes use glass dishware, metal utensils and sit with napkins in their laps.

Children have the opportunity to participate in the creation and enjoyment of mealtime through our weekly baking lessons. This past winter, all the children compiled a collection of their favourite recipes and created a cookbook, which was given as a Holiday gift to their families.


Menu – Fall, Winter and Spring – Week 1 – Toddler to Kindergarten


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and whole-wheat toast. Milk and water.
Morning Snack: Orange wedges. Water.
Lunch: Garlic, herb roasted chicken with couscous and green beans. Baked apples with oatmeal. Milk and water.
Afternoon Snack: Cream cheese with whole-wheat pita bread. Bananas. Water.


Breakfast: Banana, flax seed muffins with mozzarella cheese. Milk and water.
Morning Snack: Blueberries. Water.
Lunch: Sheppard’s pie with ground turkey, sweet potatoes, zucchini and carrots. Strawberry apple sauce. Milk and water.
Afternoon Snack: Bread pudding. Sliced pears. Water.


Breakfast: Homemade granola with yogurt. Raspberries. Milk and water.
Morning Snack: Pear slices. Water.
Lunch: Braised lentils, root vegetables and quinoa. Vanilla yogurt. Milk and water.
Afternoon Snack: Dill, lemon hummus with sliced cucumber and brown rice, rice cakes. Sliced melon. Water.


Breakfast: Egg, tomato, cheese and spinach breakfast casserole. Milk and water.
Morning Snack: Melon wedges. Water.
Lunch: Butternut squash soup with whole wheat grilled cheese sandwiches. Blueberries. Milk and water.
Afternoon Snack: Zucchini loaf. Sliced bananas. Water.


Breakfast: Blueberry pancakes, maple syrup or apple sauce. Milk and water.
Morning Snack: Bananas. Water.
Lunch: Beef stroganoff on egg noodles and steamed broccoli. Fruit Sorbet. Milk and water.
Afternoon Snack: Baking at Little Tots’ Manor. Snack prepared by each class. Fresh fruit. Water.